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Nordiska träffen

Varje år samlas Bicomterapeuter och Bicom friskvårdare för att umgås, bevista intressanta föredrag, äta gott och knyta nya kontakter. Här presenteras aktuell inbjudan.

Welcome to the Nordic meeting International seminars in English 2020

Place: Radisson Blue Scandinavia, Södra Hamngatan 59, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Start August 19 at 14:00.
End August 23 at 13:00.
Seminars and party evening are possible to book separate.

Program Wednesday August 19

BICOM and Chiropractic – The perfect symbiosis for pain treatment
Speaker: Helena Hahn, Doctor of Chiropractic, Bicom therapist
Time: 14:00–18:00
As a Doctor of Chiropractic of 30 years I have learned and incorporated AK (Applied Kinesiology), NIS (Neuro Integrative System), NIP (Neuro Impulse Protocol) and craniosacral techniques in my chiropractic practice.When using the diagnostic criteria from all these techniques in conjunction with BICOM bioresonance testing and treatment, it enhance the effect of both treatments. I will share with you some simple kinesiology to help you determine strained organs and blockages and how organ strains coincide with muscles and strains in spine.

Program Thursday August 20

Prevention & Lifestyle changes (LCC 1)
Speakers: Dr Sabine Rauch, Olle Svensson
Time: 9:00–18:00
• How can I use the BICOM to engage with prevention in my practice?
• How can I coach firm ill patients, so that they remain healthy after successful BICOM therapy?
• Standardized but individual BICOM therapy without testing (easy to delegate)
• Background epigenetic/quantum physics/energy medicine
• Introduction to the theoretical foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
• Introduction to the nutritional science of TCM
• Coaching of patients through self-taught exercises (breathing, yoga and movement exercises)

Program Friday August 21

Diagnosing and treating toxin and heavy metal loads
Speaker: Kirsten Soltau, Naturopath
Time: 9:00–18:00
The burden of toxins and heavy metals are increasingly leading to chronic diseases.In order to treat these effectively and gently we develop a treatment plan in this seminar
• The functional circle of the body’s detoxification
• Detoxification disorders
• Testing the loads with the BICOM bioresonance method
• BICOM Bioresonance treatment concepts
• Support of therapy by orthomolecular substances

Program Saturday August 22

Psychosomatic Symptoms & Bioresonance
Speakers: Jürgen Hennecke, MD, Specialist in General Medicine & Simone Maquinay, Aachen, Germany
Time: 9:00–18:00
Aim of the seminar:The seminar was developed for therapists, who want to holistically treat the body and soulof their patients in their practise. Participants will learn about the physical-energetic causesbehind psychological and neurological symptoms and how they can be treated with theaid of bioresonance. You will learn how psychotherapeutic conversations and methods oftreatment can be supplemented with bioresonance. Participants will learn the way tosupport bioresonance therapy with simple and straight-forward techniques fromkinesiology and other energetic treatments.
Topics covered:
• Psychological blocks and simple energetic balances
• Mudras and Tibetan energy
• Meridians and emotions, affirmations
• Combining bioresonance with kinesiological and energetic techniques
• Use of the combined test technology test box “Neurology and Psychosomatics”
• Use of flower essences (Dr. Rosalinde, Dr Bach) and phytotherapeutics
• Psychological causes of physical symptoms
• Physical causes of psychological symptoms
• Psychotropic viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites
• Exposure to pathogens, toxins and allergens in psychological and neurologicalsymptoms
• Practical examples and demonstrations

Saturday night, Party evening with entertainment and dinner
Time: 19:00–?

Program Sunday August 23

Supplements and Herbs with Bicom Bioresonans
Speaker: Katarina Carltad, Bicom therapist, Herb specialist
Time: 9:00–13:00
Learn how to improve your Bicom Bioresonans treatments with supplements, herbs and food. Katarina has a long experience working in the health industry, webbsales, and as Bicom therapist. She will share her best recommendations with you to maximize your knowledge and results combining supplements with Bicom Bioresonans.

Cost for seminars and party evening
1/2 day per seminar 1500 Skr (135 Euro) + VAT
1 day per seminar 3000 Skr (270 Euro) + VAT
10% discount on two seminars
15% discount on three seminars
20% discount on all seminars booked
Party evening 750 Skr (70 Euro) + VAT

Warmly Welcome!
More information and booking: mail@bicom-norden.se