Why a new education as Life Cooperation coach?

The Life Cooperation coach education is for you who want to develop yourself and find the path to a self determined life in harmony and balance. This is the basis to help others and coach them on their path of self development. The knowledge about the connection of the physical body, the emotional and the mental life. You will also learn how to create a healthy environment for all parts. The education provides you with lots of knowledge from scientific researches in epigenetic, quantum physics and the medical field, but also with the knowledge of old wisdom traditions and medical concepts like TCM and Ayurveda.

You will learn how to coach your former patients, who have been able to get out of a disease with the help of Bicom, but want to continue to stay healthy. Beside this you will learn how to coach people who have no current health problems but who want to stay healthy. So the knowledge can be used for prevention, aftercare and self development.

Do you want to find harmony and balance in your physical, emotional and mental life and at the same time be able to help other to find this too? Do you want to be the ”captain on your ship” and have control over you physical, emotional and mental life? The education to a Life cooperation coach will bring you close to these goals. The full education includes 200 hour of theoretical lessons and practical training and ends with a seven diamond certification as an official Life Cooperation coach©.